Clients Currently Partnering with Deb-e-Secretarial

Some of our clients we are too proud of to keep secret, so we dedicate this page to those who aren’t too shy to be shown. It will also give you an idea of the types of businesses that suit working with a VA and may inspire you to contact us and discuss how we can help you and your business.

Linda Anderson, ACC, CPC

Principal Coach, a2a coachingaspire to achieve
p: +61 (2) 8572 9481
m: +61 (0)425 219 643

Linda Anderson is a Masterful Coach and is passionate about helping people create and live an amazing life. Using the very power of her empathic and reflective insight and ‘knowing’ she encourages each client to develop and expand into living their fullest potential. There is NO ONE better in her field. Linda can assist any one to ascend fully in life to the greatest heights. In 2002 Linda and her partner sold all their belongings, hit “pause” on their respective careers, and spent 365 days travelling the world. They visited places they had only dreamed of and did not work a single day. As a coach Linda is committed to helping clients lead inspiring and courageous lives, taking on challenges and creating new opportunities. She believes that if you can dream it – you can do it!

Tracy Tresidder M.Ed, ACC

Coaching for Teenagers
w: /
p: 02 9924 7078
m: 0415 980 476
e: /

Tracy is a professional parent and teen coach. Parents – learn how to assist your children to build lives of confidence, courage and compassion. Discover the seven simple steps to create a mutually loving and respectful relationship with your teenager.

Tracy is also the lead instructor for the Academy for Family Coach Training in Australasia where you can train to become a certified parent and teen coach. The 10 month Advanced Coaching Course, held in Australia on an annual basis, is the only ICF accredited Parent and Teen Coach Training Course in the world to offer CCE certification. Visit the Family Coach Training website for more course details.

Tracy is also an author, speaker and golf mind coach. Read the complete guide to lowering your handicap – “Golf Mind Play: Outsmarting your brain to play your best golf”. Designed as an easy to read 45 minute guide. Download it now and discover proven tips, tools and tactics on how to relax and play in the zone. Go to Golf Mind Play to download the ebook now.

Glen Kirkwood

Networking Guru, BNI Team
p: + 61 2 9787 3595

Glenn has been involved in training for the last 18 years in the areas of sales/marketing and first aid rescue and is currently one of only 12 National examiners for Australian Ski Patroller. In addition he is one of only 3 accredited trainers in Australia for The Referral Institute, the worlds #1 referral training organisation. His background is in Sales and Marketing and he has worked in the import/export industries for 18 years before starting his own business. As a leader he is the most successful BNI Franchisee in Australia, his 3 franchise regions being within the top 4. His Newcastle franchise has grown from nothing to 220 members in just 3 short years. Glen has appeared in over 160 publications including the Boston Globe, New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Telegraph and London Times. He also has appeared regularly on radio in Newcastle and the Central Coast speaking about Referral Marketing. Glenn brings to every assignment his unmatched enthusiasm and passion for helping others.

Joel Levin

Principal Consultant, Aha! Consulting
p: +61 8 9443 9474

Joel has 18 years experience working with or in a range of sectors (Indigenous, Human Services, Planning, Federal, State and Local Government, CALD, Environment, Commerce, Sports and Recreation, Education, Local Government, Arts, Aged Care, Health, Disabilities & Justice and more). In the Organisational Development sphere, Joel works with Boards, managers, and whole organisations applying his knowledge of organisational change, strategic/operational planning and team development. In the Community and Stakeholder engagement sphere, Joel works with clients, stakeholders and participants to design strategies and facilitate engagement sessions that deliver quality deliberation, transparent processes and meaningful results. Advanced facilitation skills are at the heart of most of Joel’s work, ensuring the groups deliberate in a manner that is creative, honest, constructive and productive regardless of the issue up for discussion. For more information visit the web site.

Lauren Chandler

Founder, Shine Wellbeing Solutions
p: 0409 058 384

Described as the poster girl for positive affirmations by one of her clients and the proud owner of the nickname ‘Smiley’ from a young age, Lauren is a shining and leading light in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry, showing others how to live the life they’ve always imagined. After a broken collarbone in a cycling accident Lauren discovered a passion for understanding health, fitness and wellbeing, wanting to overcome her own health, weight and self-esteem issues and go on to help others overcome the same for themselves. It was also at this time that she discovered her passion for rock climbing. Lauren now owns and operates Shine Wellbeing Solutions, a personal training company based in The Sutherland Shire, NSW. She loves working one-on-one with Shine’s clients to discover their body’s unique blueprint and guide them along the path to their goals. Her greatest success is realised when her clients achieve their desired results having previously tried and failed with everything else. Lauren is also very passionate about working with athletes, stroke victims, rehabilitation clients and the physically and mentally challenged. She currently trains members of Sailability Rushcutters Bay and devises programmes for the diverse needs of her varied clients. In her desire to spread Shine’s message of health, fitness and wellbeing to greater communities, Lauren writes for magazines, has been a regular presenter online and on-air and has just released her new book, Switched on Health and Wellbeing Professionals.

Yesim Soyak

Founder, My Marketing Mentor
p: 0431 919 280

Yesim spent a number of years in the corporate world as Marketing Manager before diving into the world of small business. Setting up a retail business from scratch, it wasn’t long before she became a recognised, award-winning entrepreneur. In recent years she has trained, mentored and advised hundreds of small business owners in the UK and Australia. She now runs

DataBank Technologies

p: 1300 764 954

Offsite data storage & data protection services. DataBank is Australia’s largest IT specific offsite tape and data storage provider. DataBank services over 4,500 clients across Australia and New Zealand and focus on security, technology and service.

Archive Security

p: 1300 881 320

An offsite document storage & records management company, Archive Security specialise in the secure offsite storage of paper based records across Australia and New Zealand. They have been in business for over 35 years and offer end to end solutions to the life cycle of documentation, from storage to destruction.


p: 1800 464 360

A secure online backup system, BackOnline is an online backup system that is great for all businesses, small to large. This is a particularly great solution for those companies in remote locations. BackOnline is compatible with all operating systems and their data centres are located in Australia.